Personalized Recovery was an experience that I think I needed. I had been to every kind of rehab imaginable. I needed one person to be there with me, and only me as selfish as that might sound and show me how to be human again.

Michelle is a Nurse and talked to my mom, my grandmother, and my dad calmly and professionally. She explained to them what was going on with me, in a way they could understand. She was truly an angel sent to me, to see through a miracle. I thank god, and my higher power every day, that Michelle was the one to show me.
— Mollie P.
I have worked with Michelle for quite a while and have found her to be a very caring and professional person. She helped guide me through a difficult recovery and I would give her the highest recommendation for anyone wanting to enter the recovery process.
— Tom A.
Michelle at Personalized Recovery helped give me the strength and confidence I needed to take control of my life. I now have hope in my recovery.
— Scotty R.
Personalized recovery offers an excellent alternative to the hospital setting and the crowded rehabilitation center with limited services. Michelle is a remarkable helping professional that has helped numerous people walk down the road of recovery and get a second chance at life.
— Ben M.
Michelle offers a comprehensive personalized recovery service unparalleled in our area. If you are looking for a discrete, comfortable and professional way to begin your journey to wellness, I cant think of anyone better than Michelle. If you find her you are lucky. There are not many licensed nurses with drug and alcohol certification and years in the field of treating chemical dependency, that are also organic chefs and personal total body health trainers. She is gentle, caring and hilarious. Michelle offers you the total package, personalized to fit your own needs, you just have to provide the willingness to get better. If you have the willingness, look no further.
— Donette B.
Santa Barbara is a serene and incomparable place to find wellness and health, and so does the private detox service Michelle Davis “Personalized Recovery” provides.

Michelle strives to support her clients into achieving a balanced and integrated life free from substance use disorder. If you are looking for confidential, professional and experienced support you may confidently seek out Personalized Recovery to start your journey to wholeness.
— D Robbin O.

This is the best personalized recovery program for Executives, Celebrities, Athletes, and anyone else seeking help with opiate, alcohol and other dependency issues. Michelle and her team are amazing!  Their private concierge service is truly tailored to your specific need. They use a holistic approach incorporating leading edge medical treatment, and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual guidance which is great because recovery is more than just getting away from the addiction, it is also about a wellness plan to keep you healthy and sustain your sobriety! I was grateful for their discretion; that they were willing to travel out-of-state and provide treatment in the privacy of my own home, and the gourmet meals were an unexpected bonus! Michelle, I will be forever grateful for your help I will definitely recommend! - JH

Park City Utah JH